Smart Serve

The Smart Serve training teaches you how to protect yourself from liability by understanding your responsibilities under the Liquor Licence Act.


The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) provides information about many hazardous materials used in the workplace. Certificate issued upon course completion.

Ontario Health & Safety for Workers

The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act are designated to protect workers against health and safety hazards on the job by spelling out the rights and responsibilities of the various parties.  Certificate issued upon course completion.

Excellence in Customer Service

This program introduces potential customer service representatives to the fundamentals of customer service, while highlighting specific methods for communicating and dealing with customers effectively. Certificate issued upon course completion.

Confined Space Awareness

This course delivers essential knowledge to any worker who may work around confined spaces. The hazards that exist and that are met when entering and working in a confined space are capable of causing injury, illness and death.  When working around a confined space, it is necessary to be aware of the dangers that exist in and around the confined space area.

Fall Protection Awareness

Falls from heights are among the leading causes of death and injury in the workplace.  The legislation for all workplaces states that workers must have protection from falls.

Lift Truck Awareness

This program covers the complete theory of operating a lift truck and prepares an operator for the practical component of the lift truck training.  You will have an understanding of the fundamentals of operating a lift truck and the safety principles required to operate a lift truck safely.


This training is designed for any employee who could come in contact with an energy source.

General Orientation

This course discusses the following topics:

  • General Orientation for Contractors – NORCAT Card Provisions and Guidelines.   Companies that have accepted NORCAT as the Official Orientation Training provider and Contractor Pass distributor.
  • Ontario regulations and policies for contract workers.
  • References to the OHSA and Regulations for Mines and Mining Plants, the OHSA and Regulations for Construction Projects, the Construction Health and Safety Manual, the OHSA and Regulations for Industrial Establishments.
  • Employers’, supervisors’ and workers’ responsibilities.
  • General rules of conduct pertaining to property access, vehicle operation, cell phones two-way radios, in and out procedures, harassment, property damage, etc.
  • Safety guidelines pertaining to injury and hazard reporting, tagging, confined space procedures, fall protection, burning and welding, etc.
  • Personal protective equipment (head, feet, hands, clothing, respiratory, etc.)
  • Radiation protection and procedures U/G Orientation This course discusses the following topics:
    • Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) requirements for underground workers
    • Terminology of the underground environment. For example: ore body, hanging wall, footwall, head frame, etc.
    • General rules of conduct pertaining to mobile equipment operation, in and out procedures, shaft station procedures, hazard, etc.
  • Safety guidelines pertaining to ventilation, fire procedures, emergency rescue procedures, etc.
  • Underground requirements for personal protective equipment (head, feet, hands, clothing, respiratory, etc.)
  • UnderGround Control Legislation
  • Ground Control strategies and recognizing ground structure problems.  Discusses terms such as slips, faults, joints, dykes, contacts, etc.
  • Different types of ground support systems and sounding and scaling procedures


Minimum required ZES program for entry to Vale property.  This program is theory only and is meant for non-working personnel who are entering the property.

Vale ZES Full Program

This program consists of ZES Core Module ZES001, ZES IEO Module ZES002, and ZES Tagger Module ZES003.  This program takes approximately 3 hours to complete: 2 hours theory and one hour practical. This program currently has a one-year expiry date.  This program is intended for personnel who will be performing work on company property.


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