Career Planning

The Sudbury Vocational Resource Centre has a number of resources to help Sudbury job hunters determine career objectives and job search direction.
There are three steps to career planning: Self Assessment, Finding a Career Fit and Researching the Labour Market Self Assessment. To determine a career goal, you need to know yourself. Examining your past paid and unpaid work, education, skills, interests, values, aptitudes and personality can help you to better understand what you need in a job and where you will excel.

SVRC has qualified counsellors available to assess you using the following instruments.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®):

"People often find difficulty defining what kind of work they want to do or why a given field makes them comfortable or uncomfortable. Personality type is a practical tool for investigating what works for you, then looking for and recognizing work that satisfies your preferences.” The Myers and Briggs Foundation

Career Ability Placement Survey: (CAPS)

“CAPS is designed to measure abilities keyed to entry requirements for the majority of jobs in each of the fourteen occupational clusters.”  Career/LifeSkills Resources Inc.
CAPS consists of eight, short, five-minute tests: Mechanical Reasoning, Spatial Relations, Verbal Reasoning, Language Usage, Word Knowledge, Perceptual Speed and Accuracy, Manual Speed and Dexterity, Mathematical Ability

True Colors™:

“True Colors™ is a model for understanding yourself and others based on your personality temperament. The colors of Orange, Green, Blue and Gold are used to differentiate the four central personality styles of True Colors™.” True Colors International

Finding a Career Fit

When you know about yourself and the jobs out there, you can determine which ones fit your qualifications, needs, interests, values and personal life situation. Then it is time to develop a targeted résumé, and prepare a job search strategy to get the job! Here at SVRC we have qualified counsellors available to help you find a career fit you using the following instruments.

Strong Interest Inventory:

“The Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong) is a self-report questionnaire used to measure and describe people’s interests in a broad range of occupations, work and leisure activities and educational subjects.” Psychometrics

Career Occupational Preference System (COPS interest inventory):

“The COPS Interest Inventory consists of 168 items, providing job activity interest scores related to 14 different career clusters. Each cluster corresponds to both high school and college curriculum, as well as current sources of occupational information.” Educational and Industrial Testing Services

Career Cruising (computer based): SVRC password required

Career Cruising is an interactive career planning resource with detailed descriptions of what people do in 500+ different Canadian occupations, as well as other career and educational planning tools.
(password: sudbury username: vocational)


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Master the workplace skills that are in demand!

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Learn how to improve skills in these areas:


Personal Management


Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Professional & Skills Advancement


Classes are small and interactive

Location: 124 Cedar Street, 3rd floor

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This training is delivered by certified Soft Skills Solutions trainers

124 Cedar Street, 3rd floor
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Want to know more about the opportunities for working from home?  Are there any legit jobs working from home?  If you want to obtain more information on this subject, please attend this workshop.


124 Cedar Street, 3rd floor
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Starts at: 10:00 AM


This workshop discusses how to: prepare for an interview, present yourself and answer typical and difficult interview questions.  Participants will improve their interview skills through small group discussions and role-plays.


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